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Bungee Jumping

An experiment with Gravity

Activity: Bungee Jumping

Difficulty: high
Duration: 1 and a half to 4 hours
Minimum number of participants: 6
No previous experience required
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Bungee Jumping in Aracena

bungee jumping
It is a personal challenge. A once-in-a-lifetime free-fall experience of 40 metres towards water from the Cinco Ojos bridge in Zalamea la Real.
Before the jump we run through the safety aspects and coach the jumping technique. We kit you up with the body and waist harness joined together for extra safety and connect you to the special double Bungee jump cord. After the airborne flight of a few seconds at over 50 mph before the special Bungee jump cord springs you back to normal, upright, life. and down again. Once the rebound is over we lower you down to the river base where one of our monitors will stop you getting wet!
Bungee jumping is a safe and unforgettable adrenalin packed experience using the latest technology and safety equipment, led by experienced monitors. Anyone from age 18 to 65 and weighing upto 125kg with a sense of fun and adventure can join us, but please take into account that anyone with heart and respiratory problems, that may be pregnant, has high blood pressure, suffers from joint, muscular, bone, psychological, neurological or psychomotor problems can not take part in this activity. If there is any doubt about a medical condition you find yourself in this must be communicated to the monitors who will decide if the jump is appropriate for you.
Anyone under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed to make the jump and no refund will be given.
Why Do It? Because you are alive. Because it’s there. Because you can.