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Challenging the laws of gravity!

Activity: Rock climbing

Difficulty: low – medium
Duration: 1 and a half to 4 hours
Minimum number of participants: 4
No previous experience required
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climbing in Andalusia
Climbing is a mountaineering skill that involves climbing vertical walls gripping onto the surface using natural handholds with various grips and footholds for purchase. When you’re rock climbing, you’re defying not only the laws of gravity but also redefining your possibilities and overcoming your limitations. Climbing is all about movement in a different kind of terrain than what we find in our normal lives—the vertical world.
Would you like to learn to climb? Would you like to develop your skills further? Would you like to climb some of the rocks that we know are suitable for this addictive sport?
Our specialised instructors can help both the beginner and the more advanced climber develop their skills. Anyone can start to climb and will soon become addicted. If you have already learned the basics then come with us to learn new skills and push your limits climbing ever more technical rock faces.
We meet in Los Marines a small village in the Sierra de Aracena natural park where we set off for one of the various rock climbing courses within the park. Join us for a day of climbing with a group of like minded people in a beautiful area!
Gear: So what do we need to go climbing? A harness is essential . A harness wraps around your waist and upper thighs protecting you in the event of a fall assuming it’s tied into a properly protected rope. There are 2 loops at the front of the harness where we tie into the rope at the working end of the rope using a figure -eight knot. Harnesses usually have several hooks to carry other pieces of gear.The climbing rope is also an essential part of the kit, without rope serious injuries can occur. The third piece of essential gear is the helmet which will protect your head from any rock falls or bangs. Finally but certainly not least the carabiners complete our safety gear. Specially designed climbing shoes are also very useful but not essential – they provide a better grip on the rock face while climbing.